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Counting Machine-Pharma & Nutrition

Visual Technology Counting Machine-Pharma & Nutrition The FUNTION PACK tablet counter or capsule counting machine ut…

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Visual Technology Counting Machine-Pharma & Nutrition

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The FUNTION PACK tablet counter or capsule counting machine utilizes advanced real-time image processing technology to enable highly accurate (100%) counting of tablets in bulk.
Instead of using several narrow tracks that carry one tablet/capsule at a time like other pill counting machines, the image processing technology uses one wide track to count multiple objects such as tablets, capsules, pills, soft gels, chewing gums, gummies, candies, all at once – hence ‘bulk counting.’
Our tablet counters can eliminate the need to separate tablets before counting, feed them one by one or space them out at specific intervals. The result is 3-5 times the output than traditional counting system.
The conceptual difference between the sensor tablet counter and all other counting machines is that it was developed as a technological solution rather than a mechanical one. Counting is carried out by an advanced algorithm developed by a team of highly experienced multi-disciplinary professionals from the fields of electronics, optics, mechanics and computer sciences. This unique collaboration resulted in the emergence of the most advanced counting technology – ‘bulk counting’system.

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Funtion pack is a high-tech enterprise focusing on providing pharmaceutical, food and daily chemical production enterprises with services from front-end factory design and planning, intelligent bottling line to follow-up intelligent production and operation management system construction services. It has rich professional experience and strong market influence in intelligent packaging production line and production management execution system

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Funtion Pack Machinery was established in Shanghai, PR China in 1985, since that, we have   dedicated to packaging machinery manufacturing and design for nearly 30 years. During so long time, we have extended our business to become a supplier of complete packaging line including bottle washer, unscrambler, filling and counting machine, inserting machine, labeling machine, capping machine, sealing machine, cartoning machine and so on. We believe that we possess rich experience and ability to meet a variety of requirements of you. Besides, we also provide very good after-sales service and solution of technology problem. We also provide training, on-site installation, documents support. We could make customized products based on different requirements of different customers.


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