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Weighing And Bottling Machine


Capacity 80-100 BPM
Accuracy +/-0.5-2g
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz, 5.5KW
Weighing unit 16 heads
Weighing bucket 2L
Contact parts SS 316L
Container type Tubs, bottles & Metal Cans


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High Speed Candy & Gummy Weighing And Bottling Machine

Filling Machine01
Weighing Filling Machine02

Multi-head combined scale

Adopt high precision sensor,which finely adjust the openingand closing speed of the
hopper door according tofilling materials to preventmaterials from damge.

Support platform on the second tloor

Adopt high quality and thickplatform, workers can directlystand on it to clean the combinedscale or maintain.

Weighing Filling Machine03

Weighing and bottling machine introduce

High-Speed Rotary Fillers Easily Integrate with Filling Machine Systems.

Our high-speed rotary fillers easily integrate with filling systems such as auger or cup fillers as well as high-speed combination weighing or counting units. A check weigher can also be integrated to help ensure accurate fills and weights. In addition, container vibrators settle the product into the container and optimize headspace. This enables our rotary fillers to achieve accurate, reliable filling—every time.

Rotary filling machines help the food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries quickly, safely and cleanly fill dry products into rigid containers of many sizes, 

shapes and types, including:

  • Plastic Tubs & Bottles – for products such as nuts, spices, parmesan cheese, whey/protein/nutraceutical powders, infant formula, baby food, gummies and pet food/treats
  • Glass – for products such as spices
  • Fiberboard – for household products such as detergent
  • Metal Cans – for products such as milk powder

Can be used for the most types products on the market:

Candies, Coffee Capsules, Gummies, Chewing gums, Supplements, Pet Food, Rice& Beans, Nuts & Snacks, Spices & Ingredients

Coffee Bean Weighing04
Automatic Can Bottle Weighing 05
Weighing Filling Machine 06
Weighing Filling Machine 07
Weighing Filling Machine 08

Funtion pack is a high-tech enterprise focusing on providing pharmaceutical, food and daily chemical production enterprises with services from front-end factory design and planning, intelligent bottling line to follow-up intelligent production and operation management system construction services. It has rich professional experience and strong market influence in intelligent packaging production line and production management execution system

Automatic Can Bottle Weighing 09




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