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Working principle of aluminum foil sealing machine

a sealing machine

The working principle of the aluminum foil sealing machine is as follows:

Put the bag to be sealed into the holding device of the aluminum foil sealer.

Start the foil sealer and start heating the foil.

When the foil reaches the proper temperature, clamp the bag over the foil and apply just the right amount of pressure so the foil fits the bag completely.

After the sealing is completed, the bag is removed from the holding device and moved to the next production link.

During the entire sealing process, the aluminum foil sealing machine needs to monitor parameters such as temperature, pressure and sealing quality in real time to ensure that the sealing quality of each bag meets the standard.

In short, the aluminum foil sealer achieves a complete closure of the bag by heating the aluminum foil and applying proper pressure to fit it completely to the bag.



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