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Working principle and advantages of electronic grain counting machine

working principle:

  • The electronic grain counting machine uses photoelectric sensor technology to automatically calculate the number of grains by detecting the photoelectric signals generated when grain particles pass through the sensor.
  • The sensor can detect each grain particle at high speed and precision, and convert the signal into electronic pulses, which are counted and processed by the counting circuit.
  • Counting information can be displayed in real time through a digital display, or can be connected to a computer system for data storage and analysis.


  • The counting speed is fast and can reach hundreds or even thousands of grains per second.
  • The counting accuracy is high, the error is less than 0.5%, and the quantity of grain can be accurately counted.
  • Simple operation, no need for manual counting, greatly improving work efficiency.
  • Counting data can be automatically recorded and stored to facilitate later query and analysis.
  • Compact structure and small space occupation, suitable for use in warehousing, processing and other scenarios.



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