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Why should you consider purchasing a cartoning machine?

a cartoning machine

Cartoning machines are secondary packaging. This is the final step in the packaging industry, before the boxes are palletized, packed and the final pallets shipped. Cartoning machines can be used in many industries: food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, animal feed and many more.

Many companies have decided to automate the box packing process, but a significant number still pack their boxes manually, especially small or family-owned businesses. In any case, non-automated packaging boxes have many negative consequences for companies: This type of work is extremely monotonous for employees who have to perform repetitive and tiring activities. Additionally, manual box picking is a significant expense for companies. It must hire people to perform tasks that can be easily automated. The same employees may be useful in less repetitive and more challenging jobs.

If you want to optimize your productivity, automation in the field of boxing is the right choice, as you can gain many benefits:

Production doubled
Reduce packaging errors and improve packaging creation accuracy
Use manpower in more useful and exciting departments
The initial investment in automated crating will pay for itself within a few years.



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