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Why do nuts need to be packed in counters?

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The main reasons for using counting packaging for nuts are as follows:

Easy to carry and eat: The number of nuts in each bag is the same, and this design makes it easy for consumers to carry and eat. Whether as a snack or to refuel on the go, counting packs offer a convenient option.
Control portion sizes: counting packaging helps consumers control the number of nuts they eat at a time. This not only satisfies appetite, but also helps develop good eating habits and avoid excessive intake.
Maintain freshness: Counted packaging usually has better sealing properties, which can effectively prevent nuts from moisture, oxidation and deterioration, thereby maintaining the freshness and taste of nuts.
Improve production efficiency: For nut manufacturers, counting packaging can speed up packaging, reduce labor costs, and improve production efficiency. In addition, counting packaging can also ensure that the number of products in each package is accurate, avoiding excess or insufficient products and ensuring product quality.
Counting packaging not only meets the needs of consumers, but also adapts to the needs of manufacturers, so it has been widely used in the nut industry.



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