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What is the working principle of the gummy weighing machine

gummy weighing machine

A gummy weighing machine usually consists of the following parts:

Conveyor Belt: Used to transfer gummy from one location to another. Conveyor belts are usually driven by electric motors.

Sensor: Used to detect the weight of the gummy. Sensors are usually load cells, which convert weight into an electrical signal.

Control system: used to control the whole process. The control system usually consists of a microprocessor and electronics to control the conveyor belt and sensors.

Discharge System: Used to place weighed gummy into bags or containers. Emission systems usually consist of electric motors and pneumatic components.

In operation, gummy is placed on a conveyor belt and then conveyed below the sensor. A sensor detects the weight of the candy and converts it into an electrical signal. The control system compares this signal to a preset weight, and if the gummy weighs at or near the preset weight, the control system sends a command to the discharge system to place the gummy in a bag or container. The whole process can be completed automatically, thus improving production efficiency.



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