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What is the working principle of the capping machine?

The working principle of the capping machine mainly involves three key parts: cap supply, capping and transmission.

First, the cap supply part ensures that caps can be continuously and stably supplied to the capping position. This is usually done by placing the caps in a special cap bin, and using a lift or other means to transport the caps one by one to the capping position. In this process, the supply speed of the cap needs to be precisely controlled to match the working speed of the capping machine to ensure that the cap can be accurately captured by the capping machine.

Secondly, the capping part is the core of the capping machine’s work. When the cap is sent to the capping position, the capping head of the capping machine will quickly grab the cap. This process requires ensuring that the strength and speed of the capping head are just right, not only to ensure that the cap can securely close the bottle mouth, but also to avoid damage to the bottle mouth or cap.

Finally, the transmission part is the bridge connecting the two parts of the cap supply and the screw cap. It provides power through a motor or pneumatic device to drive the rotation of the capping head. The design of the transmission part needs to ensure coordinated cooperation with the cap supply and cap screwing parts, so that the entire capping machine can complete the cap supply and capping work smoothly and efficiently.

In some advanced capping machines, pneumatic control principles are also used to drive the capping head to reciprocate through air pressure to achieve fast and accurate tightening of the cap. This design not only improves the automation level of the capping machine, but also further improves its work efficiency and accuracy.



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