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What is the standard specification for bagged food counting packaging?

The standard specification for bagged food counting and packaging mainly includes the following contents:

  1. Counting method: According to the shape, size and characteristics of the bagged food, determine the appropriate counting method. Generally, manual counting, counting machine and other methods can be used;
  2. Packaging capacity: Indicate the capacity, size and other information of the packaging bag to ensure that the packaging can accommodate the required amount of bagged food;
  3. Counting standards: formulate counting standards for bagged food, such as allowable error range, counting sequence and measurement unit, etc.;
  4. Packaging materials: Determine the materials suitable for bagged food packaging, such as plastic bags, paper bags, etc.;
  5. Label identification: mark the brand, batch, weight, production date and shelf life and other information, which is convenient for consumers to check;
  6. Packaging process: formulate the operating specifications and technological process in the packaging process to ensure the controllability and stability of the packaging quality;
  7. Inspection standards: Formulate quality inspection requirements and inspection methods to ensure that the quality of bagged food counting and packaging meets production standards and laws and regulations.

The above are the main contents of the packaging standard for bagged food counting, which can improve product quality for food manufacturers and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.



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