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What is the accuracy of small parts counting machine?

a small parts counting machine

Our small parts counting machines are designed to achieve a high level of accuracy in counting various small parts, often reaching 99.9% accuracy or higher. This is achieved through advanced sensors, precision calibration, and quality control measures in the machine’s design.

Professional in tablet, capsule, pill, soft gel counting and packaging line, such as bottle unscrambler, counting machine, cotton inserter, desiccant pouch inserter, capping machine, induction sealing machine, labeling machine, etc. Customized projects are always welcome.

A small parts counting machine is a device used to automatically count small parts, usually used in industrial production. These machines can help improve production efficiency and reduce manual counting time and errors. They typically use sensors and counters to accurately count small parts and can be adjusted and set as needed. Some small parts counting machines are also equipped with a sorting function that can sort the counted parts into different containers.



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