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What is an automatic capsule counter?

an automatic capsule counter

It is a very useful device when it comes to pharmaceutical production and quality control. It counts and sorts capsules or tablets efficiently. Here are some automatic capsule counter details:

Counting principle: Automatic capsule counter use photoelectric sensors or other types of sensors to detect capsules passing through the machine. The sensor recognizes specific characteristics of the capsules, such as size, shape or color, and counts the capsules based on these characteristics.

Automatic sorting: Once the capsules are counted, automatic capsule counters can distribute them into different containers for further processing or packaging. This can be achieved by rotating, pushing or guiding devices, ensuring that the capsule is accurately placed in the correct position.

High Speed and Accuracy: Automatic capsule counter are capable of counting and sorting at very high speeds, far exceeding the capabilities of manual operations. They also offer a high degree of accuracy, reducing the risk of human error and increasing productivity.

Data logging and reporting: Some also have data logging and reporting capabilities. They can record the counting results of each batch and generate corresponding reports for quality control and traceability.

In summary, the counters are advanced devices that increase efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure products meet quality standards during the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.



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