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What is a desiccant inserter?

a desiccant inserter

A desiccant inserter is a machine used to automatically insert desiccant packets into product packaging to prevent moisture damage.

Use our bag desiccant inserter to insert drying agent and oxygen absorber into your bottles quickly, easily and automatically. Simply roll it around any conveyor belt, load a roll of bags onto the reel, set the controls to suit your bottles and packaging line, and press start. Our monotonizer inserting machines automatically feed continuous strips of deoxidizer and monotonizer, separate them into individual packages, and insert them into bottles with impressive precision at rates up to 100 packages per minute. One pack per bottle or multiple packs per bottle.

It is ideal for modified atmosphere packaging and can be used to preserve:
Vitamins and supplements
Nutritional health products
and other products that need to deal with moisture, odor and other volatile issues to maintain product monotony and extend shelf life.



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