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What are the methods of soft candy packaging

The following is a detailed introduction of the soft candy packaging method:

plastic bag packaging
The gummies are packaged in plastic bags that can be counted using a packaging machine. This packaging method is suitable for small packs and retail as it preserves the freshness of the gummies and is relatively inexpensive. Usually, there will be labels and barcodes on the plastic bags, so that they can be easily scanned for sale.

Paper package
The gummies are placed in cartons, which are then labeled and sealed. This method of packaging is suitable for gift giving because it looks more upscale. There are usually colorful patterns and logos on the carton to attract customers’ attention.

bottle packaging
The gummies are placed in bottles, and then there will be labels and caps on the bottles, with a labeling machine and a sealing machine. This packaging method works well for bulk packs and home use as it allows for convenient storage of gummies and the bottle can be reused. Labels on bottles are usually relatively simple, with only basic information such as brand name, net content and expiration date.

Aluminum foil bag packaging
The fudge is placed in foil pouches and sealed with a foil sealer. This packaging method maintains the freshness of the fudge and is suitable for long-term storage. There are usually labels, barcodes and other information on the aluminum foil bag to facilitate sales and management.



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