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Tips for counting and packaging fish oil capsule

fish oil capsule

The following main problems may be encountered in the application of fish oil counting machines:

Stickiness of fish oil capsules: Since fish oil capsules contain oily ingredients, these oily ingredients tend to make the capsules stick to each other. This viscous property makes it difficult to count and separate individual capsules, affecting counting accuracy and efficiency.

Balance between counting speed and accuracy: In production lines, the requirements for counting machines are often to ensure high speed while also ensuring counting accuracy. However, high-speed operation may lead to an increase in counting error rates. How to ensure counting accuracy while maintaining efficient production is a challenge that fish oil counting machines need to face.

Limitations on the degree of automation: For fish oil capsules of different specifications and sizes, customized counting machine design may be required. For some small or new capsules, there may be a lack of mature automation solutions, which increases the difficulty and cost of counting.

Quality control issues: During the counting and packaging process, the number, weight, and other related indicators of capsules in each package need to be strictly controlled to ensure that the product meets quality standards. However, quality control can be a challenge due to factors such as equipment accuracy, operator skills, and more.

Equipment maintenance and cleaning: Due to the oily properties of fish oil capsules, the counting machine may be affected by oil stains during use and requires regular cleaning and maintenance. This not only increases the maintenance cost of the equipment, but may also affect the normal operation and counting accuracy of the equipment.

In order to solve these problems, a variety of measures may be needed, such as optimizing mechanical design, improving equipment automation, strengthening quality control and employee training, regular maintenance and cleaning of equipment, etc.



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