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The working principle of the gummy counting machine

The working principle of the counting machine is mainly divided into the following steps:

Material feeding: The counting machine usually transports the material from the storage warehouse or the packaging bag to the sensor under the counting device through a vibrating plate or a conveyor belt.

Separately arrange the materials: After the sensor detects the materials, it will transmit the signal to the control system, and the control system will stop the equipment such as the vibrating plate or the conveyor belt, so that the materials are arranged separately on the sensor.

Material counting: After the sensor detects the material, it will pass the signal to the counter, and the counter will count the material and display it on the counter. The counting machine is usually adjusted according to the shape, size and weight of the material to ensure the accuracy of counting.

Packaging: After the material counting is completed, the counting machine will transport the material to the packaging machine or packaging bag through the discharge port to complete the packaging process.

In short, the counting machine realizes automatic counting and packaging of materials through precise sensors and counters. It can be widely used in the counting and packaging of small particle materials in food, medicine, chemical and other industries.



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