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The main structure and performance of automatic capping machine

capping machine

Automatic capping machine is a kind of filling equipment that can automatically complete the rotating positioning and compacting of bottle caps, which mainly consists of the following parts:

  1. Bottle conveying system: It is used to transfer the bottles to be filled to the working area of the capping machine.
  2. Capping system: including cap conveyors, cap dispensers, capping heads and other components, which are used to take out the caps and put them on the bottles precisely.
  3. Control system: including PLC controller and touch screen interface for setting and adjusting the capping machine.
  4. Safety protection system: including safety door, emergency stop switch and other measures to ensure the safety of operators.

The automatic capping machine has the following performance characteristics:

  1. High degree of automation, able to complete capping operation continuously and stably.
  2. Applicable to different types of caps and bottles, which can be adjusted according to production requirements.
  3. Accurate and fast cap rotation positioning and compaction to enhance production efficiency.
  4. Easy to operate, setting and adjustment can be made through the touch screen interface.
  5. Compact equipment with small footprint, suitable for manufacturers of all sizes.



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