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The Difficulties and Solutions of Counting and Packaging Little Bear Sugar

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In the candy industry, especially for gummie products like bear candy, the accuracy of counting during the packaging process has always been a challenge. Due to the special texture and shape of bear candies, they are prone to sticking during the packaging process, resulting in inaccurate counting. This not only affects the appearance and quality of the product, but may also bring unpleasant experiences to consumers. This article will analyze the difficulties in counting and packaging Little Bear Sugar and propose corresponding solutions.

1、 Difficulty analysis: Easy adhesion leading to inaccurate counting

Due to its moisture and sugar content, the surface of bear candy is relatively moist, and its unique shape and texture make it prone to adhesion during the packaging process. When Little Bear Candy moves on the conveyor belt, the contact and friction between them can cause some candies to stick together, making it difficult to accurately count them individually. This not only affects the packaging speed, but may also lead to inaccurate quantity of candies inside the packaging, affecting product quality.

2、 Solution

Improving the feeding process
To reduce the adhesion phenomenon of bear candy during transportation, the feeding program can be optimized. Firstly, ensure that the bear sugar is thoroughly dried before loading to reduce its surface humidity. Secondly, appropriate vibration and rotation mechanisms are adopted to evenly distribute bear candy during the feeding process, reducing contact and friction between each other. In addition, it is also possible to consider using partition boards or partitions to separate the gummies and prevent them from sticking together.

Surface treatment of equipment
The surface treatment of the equipment is also one of the important measures to reduce the adhesion of bear candy. Using anti stick materials or coatings such as Teflon in key areas such as conveyor belts and vibrators can reduce the contact friction between candy and equipment surfaces, thereby reducing adhesion. At the same time, regularly cleaning and maintaining the surface of the equipment to keep it clean and smooth is also an effective method to reduce adhesion.

Optimize vibration function
The vibration function plays a crucial role in the candy packaging process, helping the candy to be evenly distributed on the conveyor belt and reducing adhesion. Therefore, for the special texture and shape of bear candy, the vibration frequency and amplitude of the vibrator can be optimized to better adapt to the characteristics of bear candy. By adjusting the vibration parameters, the distribution of bear candy on the conveyor belt can be made more loose, reducing contact and friction between each other, thereby reducing the occurrence of adhesion.

We can reduce the occurrence of adhesion and improve the accuracy of counting by improving the feeding program, treating the surface of the equipment, and optimizing the vibration function to address the difficulties in counting and packaging of Little Bear Sugar. The implementation of these measures can not only improve the quality and appearance of products, but also enhance packaging speed and efficiency, contributing to the development of the candy industry.



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