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Tablet Capsule Pill Candy Counter And Filling Machine In Bottle Jar Application

Electronic Automatic Counting and Filling Machine is specialized for counting the products of medicine, health care, food, agricultural chemicals, chemical engineering and so on. For example: tablets, coated tablets, soft/hard capsules. The machine can be used alone as well as with other machines produced by our company to form a complete producing line.


1. Users are able to control the whole working process of the machine through HMI.

2. The machine counts precisely, quickly on both common capsules and transparent ones (of weird shapes).

3. material container, material delivery pad, photoelectric counting channels and cylinders which can be detached easily and cleaned conveniently.

4. Solenoid valves controls the cylinders to loosen or tighten the material delivery pad.

5. When the bottle arrives below the funnel, the funnel comes down and covers the bottle neck, opening the funnel valve and the counted pills inside the funnel will drop into the bottle swiftly. If the height of bottles is changed, users need only to adjust the height of the working platform on the interface.

6. it is a new, precise and stable machine which is prior to other similar types of counters in our country.

Automatic counting packaging machine can make the packaging process more efficient and ultimately save costs



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