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Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine Line

All of our Tablet & Capsule Counting Line are designed and manufactured in according to GMP Specifications.

Our Products, all machines of counting line(Bottle Packaging System) by the best technology.

Application product :

Tablets, Capsules, Irregular tablets, Hard capsules, Gummy & Soft capsules etc.

Capsule Counting Machine uses for counting and Filling capsules in poly bags and rigid containers. Each disc is custom designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements. Dust Extractor (optional) is provided to remove dust particles from the passage to the container, thus dust free tablets and capsules could be filled. Capsule Counting Machine can count & fill 1 to 1000 capsules into containers/bags.

We are having two versions of Capsule Counting available: One is Disc type Counting Machine and another is PLC based Digital Capsule Counting Machine.



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