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Tablet Capsule Counting And Filling Machine

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High-Precision Automatic Tablet Capsule Counting And Filling Machine.
Our automatic tablet capsule counting and filling machine is fully electronic channel counter, meticulously designed to
flawlessly count and fill tablets, capsules, and soft gels into bottles, at high speeds.
Designed for accuracy, speed, and efficiency, our automatic tablet counting and filling machine ensures seamless tablet
capsule counting and precise filling.
Effortless Tablet/ capsule Handling
Experience seamless automation – simply load your tablets/capsules into the overhead hopper, tablets/capsules are
automatically channelled through a series of vibratory tracks – available in 12 or 24 tracks – each meticulously equipped with
vibrators. This ingenious setup guides tablets/capsules into a single lane on each track, streamlining the process for
unparalleled precision.
Accurate Tablet/Capsule Counting For All Shapes And Sizes
Achieve 100% tablet/ capsule counting accuracy and seamless fling for a wide range of standard and non-standard shapes,
sizes, and types of tablets, capsules, caplets, and soft gels using advanced sensor technology and strategically positioned
gate mechanisms.
As tablets/capsules flow through the tracks, our sensors detect and calculate each individual tablet/ capsule with remarkable
accuracy. The pneumatically operated funnel directs the accurate tablet/ capsule count into the bottles, ensuring precise
tablet/capsule filling for each bottle.



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