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Specifications and requirements of grain counting machines in the food industry

  1. Basic technical requirements

Counting accuracy: As one of the most important performance indicators of the counting machine, the national standard has strict requirements for it. The counting machine must be able to complete the counting task accurately and ensure the accuracy of food packaging.
Packaging speed: The counting machine should have sufficient packaging speed to meet the efficient production needs of the food industry.
Applicable material range: The counting machine should be applicable to various small particle materials in the food industry, such as candy, potato chips, biscuits, nuts, etc.
Equipment structure design: The design of the counting machine should be reasonable and easy to clean and maintain to ensure the hygienic safety of food production.

  1. Safety performance requirements

Safety protection device: The counting machine should be equipped with necessary safety protection devices, such as protective covers, protective doors, etc., to prevent operators from accidentally touching or getting injured.
Operation interface design: The operation interface of the counting machine should be reasonably designed and easy for operators to use, and it should also have safety functions such as emergency shutdown.
Emergency shutdown system: The counting machine should be equipped with an emergency shutdown system so that it can be quickly shut down in an emergency to avoid accidents.

  1. Test methods and calibration requirements

In order to ensure the counting accuracy and packaging accuracy of the pellet counter, the national standard stipulates relevant test methods and calibration requirements.

  1. Industry application specific requirements

Sanitary standards: The food industry has strict requirements on sanitation standards. The pellet counter should fully consider this during the design. And manufacturing process to ensure that the equipment is easy to clean, has no dead corners, and meets relevant sanitation standards.
Material adaptability: There are many types of materials in the food industry. The pellet counter should be able to adapt to the needs of different materials, including materials of different sizes, shapes and densities.
Efficient production: The food industry pursues efficient production. The pellet counter should have a high degree of automation and production efficiency to meet the needs of the production line.



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