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Save costs and improve quality! The gummy packaging machine is worth owning!

A gummy packaging machine is packaging equipment intended for gummy and other sticky products. Using a gummy packaging machine saves working time and allows users to work rapidly without exerting too much force. Gummies have long been difficult to count into bottles. This reality has forced several manufacturers to “weigh” their gummies into containers. From a dose accuracy perspective, it is better to count gummies into a container than to package them by bottle weight. The reason Gummies have not been counted is that, due to their sticky nature, they do not feed well through standard counting equipment. That is, until now. We have designed a channel counter to solve the traditional feeding problems associated with gummies.

A gummy packaging machine typically works by first feeding individual gummies onto a conveyor belt or similar mechanism. The gummies are then guided through the machine to be wrapped in packaging material, which can be pre-cut or cut to size from a roll. The packaging material is sealed around the gummies using heat or pressure, depending on the specific machine. The packaged gummies are then typically discharged onto another conveyor belt or into a collection bin. Some gummy packaging machines may also include additional features, such as labeling or date coding capabilities.



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