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Principle and application scope of visual counting packaging machine

counting packaging machine
  1. Vision counting packaging machine is an automatic packaging equipment that can automatically recognize, count and pack items of the same shape, such as small parts, tablets, capsules, food, etc. Through image processing and computer input and output equipment, it can achieve efficient and accurate counting and packaging while operating quickly.
  2. The advantages of visual counting packaging machine include:
  • Efficient and accurate counting and packaging can fully improve production efficiency and packaging quality.
  • Automated operation, saving manpower and time costs.
  • It can be applied to the counting and packaging of various items, which improves the adaptability of the machine.
  • It can be controlled and adjusted by computer software, which makes the machine more flexible.
  1. The working principle of the visual counting packaging machine is as follows:
  • Item loading: Items need to be put into the loading rod or vibrating plate in advance, and the items need to be vibrated separately and arranged neatly.
  • Image capture: The visual counting packaging machine captures images of the feeding area through cameras, lenses, light sources and other shooting devices.
  • Image processing: use computer image processing software to process the captured item images, including determining the position, shape, color and other characteristics of the items, counting the items, and output the counting results to the control system for further processing.
  • Item packaging: According to the counting result, the control system will control the feeding and cutting of packaging materials, and complete the packaging and output of the items.



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