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Precautions for Essence Count Packaging

When counting and packaging essence particles, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

Choose a suitable counting machine: Choose a suitable counting machine based on the size, shape and characteristics of the essence particles. The granule counting machine should be able to count accurately and quickly, and adapt to different specifications and types of essence counting packing.
Accurate counting: Ensure that the counting machine counts accurately to avoid too much or too little. Regularly inspect and maintain the counting machine to ensure its counting accuracy and stability.
Packaging material selection: Choose packaging materials suitable for the essence particles to ensure that the packaging has good sealing, anti-oxidation and anti-pollution capabilities. Select appropriate packaging forms and specifications based on product characteristics and market demand.
Cleanliness and hygiene: During the counting and packaging process, keep the counting machine and operating environment clean and hygienic. Clean the counting machine regularly to avoid the growth of microorganisms and contaminants. Operators must also maintain good personal hygiene habits and wear neat work clothes and gloves.
Packaging labeling: Ensure that the labeling on the packaging is clear and accurate, including product name, specifications, production date, shelf life and other information. Matters needing attention for special groups should also be clearly marked on the packaging.
Storage and transportation: During storage and transportation, pay attention to avoid adverse factors such as high temperature, moisture, and direct sunlight. Ensure products are stored and transported in appropriate environments to maintain product stability and safety.



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