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Packaging machines for candy


Our confectionery packaging machines are specifically designed for packaging candy including hard or soft candy, wrapped candy and gummies.

We provide our customers with tailor-made confectionery packaging solutions including flow-packed licorice, pre-made pouch filling of hard and soft candies, vertical form filling and sealing of pouches for fudge and filling of confectionery into rigid containers.

In the rapid development of the food industry, packaging machinery plays an increasingly important role. Especially in the candy industry, the efficiency and precision of packaging machines have a direct impact on product quality and brand image. This article will explore the historical development, classification, and application of candy packaging machines in actual production.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, candy packaging machines began to appear on the market. The initial packaging machines mainly relied on manual operation, with low efficiency and low precision. With the development of science and technology, automation and intelligence have gradually become the development trend of candy packaging machines. Modern candy packaging machines have been able to achieve efficient, precise, and automated packaging, greatly improving production efficiency.

According to different working principles and uses, candy packaging machines can be roughly divided into the following categories:

Continuous packaging machine: This type of machine is mainly used for continuous packaging on the production line and has high production efficiency.
Metering packaging machine: This machine packs according to a preset weight or quantity and is suitable for small batches and personalized packaging needs.
Vacuum packaging machine: suitable for candy packaging that needs to maintain the original shape and freshness of the product.
Metal detection packaging machine: used to detect and remove metal impurities to ensure food safety.

  1. Application of candy packaging machine

In the candy production line, packaging machines play a very important role. First, it can improve production efficiency, reduce manual operations, and reduce costs. Secondly, the precise control of the packaging machine can ensure the consistent weight and shape of each candy, improving product quality. In addition, through the use of advanced testing equipment, such as metal detection packaging machines, product safety can be effectively guaranteed.



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