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Mix counting machine makes daily nutrition packs easier

With the improvement of health awareness and the increase in consumers’ demand for nutrition, the market for nutritious and healthy food has continued to grow in recent years. As a comprehensive and convenient way of nutritional supplementation, daily nutrition packs have broad market prospects.
The main function of daily nutrition packs is to supplement the various nutrients needed by the body, including vitamins, minerals, natural extracts, etc., which can enhance the body’s immunity and resistance and contribute to physical health. At the same time, it can also promote digestion and absorption, which is particularly suitable for people with picky eaters, low immunity, and lack of trace elements.
The daily nutrition pack counting and packaging machine is a highly automated packaging equipment, and its main functions and characteristics can be summarized as follows:

  1. Main functions
    Counting and mixing: The equipment can mix and count solid medicines such as capsules and tablets according to the specified quantity.
    Automatic filling: After counting and mixing, the equipment can automatically fill the medicine into the packaging bag.
    Sealing: After filling, the equipment will perform a sealing operation to ensure the sealing of the packaging bag.
  2. Technical features
    High efficiency: The equipment integrates multiple processes such as counting, mixing, filling, and sealing, which greatly improves production efficiency.
    High precision: The equipment is equipped with precise metering and control systems to ensure the correct amount of medicine in each nutrition pack.
    Easy to operate: The equipment usually uses a touch screen control system, which is simple and intuitive to operate, making it easy for users to set up and adjust.
    High degree of automation: From feeding to sealing, the entire packaging process does not require much manual intervention, which reduces labor costs and improves work efficiency.



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