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Introduction to Desiccant Inserter Machine

The desiccant inserter machine is an automated equipment widely used in the packaging industry. Its main function is to insert desiccant into the packaging container to protect the contents of the package from the influence of the humid environment.

The working principle of the desiccant inserter machine is as follows:

  1. Automatic material collection: The machine takes out the desiccant from the silo and accurately measures the required quantity.
  2. Precision insertion: Use a mechanical arm or a vacuum suction head to quickly and accurately place the desiccant in the specified position inside the packaging container.
  3. Sealed packaging: After inserting the desiccant, the machine will immediately seal the packaging container to ensure that the desiccant will not be lost and play the best protective role.
  4. High-speed operation: The desiccant inserter machine can achieve high-speed insertion operations of dozens or even hundreds of pieces per minute, greatly improving production efficiency.

Improve product shelf life

desiccant inserter can absorb moisture and humidity inside the package, block the impact of humid environment on the product, effectively extend the shelf life of the product, and enhance the value of the product

Fully automated operation, no need to insert desiccant manually
Greatly reduce labor costs and labor intensity
Improve production efficiency and increase output per unit time
Ensure the accuracy of desiccant insertion

The machine uses precise sensors and control systems to achieve accurate measurement and positioning of desiccant
Avoid errors and deviations in manual operation
Ensure that the amount of desiccant used for each product meets the best standards
Reduce manual operation errors

Automated operation, eliminate product losses caused by manual errors
Increase product qualification rate and reduce rework costs
Fully automated, no manual intervention required

desiccant inserter machine can achieve fully automated production
Only regular maintenance is required, no continuous manual operation is required
Greatly improve production efficiency and production safety



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