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Introduction of soft candy counting machine counting packaging equipmentIn

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The soft candy counting and packaging equipment is an efficient, accurate and automatic equipment, which is used to count and pack soft candies according to the preset number. Let’s take a look.

First of all, there are many types of fudge, including fruit fudge, milk candy, and sour fudge. Fudge is a kind of confectionery product, which has a soft taste and various flavors, and is very popular among young people. However, the traditional soft candy packaging is packaged by weighing. This method has disadvantages. It is impossible to accurately control the quantity of soft candy in a package. The weight often varies, which affects the quality and quality of soft candy products. Market Competitiveness.

The advantage of the soft candy counting and packaging equipment is that it can accurately calculate the number of soft candies in a single package through advanced counting technology and systems, control the quality of soft candies, and improve product stability and competitiveness. The equipment selects the appropriate capsule or packer through photoelectric or visual technology and other counting methods, and automatically completes all operations such as counting and packaging. The packaging form of counting and counting can not only control the quantity of soft candies in the package within the preset range, but also improve the packaging efficiency and ensure the packaging quality. At the same time, the device also has the advantages of low maintenance cost, compact layout, and simple operation, and has high application value.

In the confectionery industry, with the development of the market and the improvement of requirements, counting packaging is very important for the packaging of tasteful and nutritious gummies. Therefore, the application prospect of soft candy counting and packaging equipment in the candy industry is very broad, and it will become one of the core equipment for the automatic production of candy in the future, injecting new vitality into the development of the candy industry.



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