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Introduction of multihead weighing and filling line for candy

Multi-head scale candy weighing and filling line is an intelligent filling and packaging equipment, mainly applied to the metering and packaging of small granular food products such as candy, jelly and snacks. Multiple weighing units are covered on the equipment, which can measure several small granular food products at the same time, and then send them to the packaging machinery through the conveyor.

The whole filling and packaging line is automatically controlled by PLC system to realize a series of operations such as weighing, filling, sealing, labeling and printing date fully automatically. In addition, the equipment has a wide range of applications and can adapt to different packaging requirements, such as bagging, bottling, canning, etc.

The multihead scale candy weighing and filling line adopts high-precision weighing sensor, which can precisely control the weight of each small granule of food to ensure the quality and production efficiency of the product. Its high efficiency, high automation and high precision make it a powerful tool for food manufacturers to enhance their production and brand awareness.



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