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Introduction of Hua Mei Sugar Counting Filling Machine

Hua Mei Sugar Counting Filling Machine is a professional automated candy filling equipment, mainly used in the production process of candy, chocolate and other food industries. It has the following characteristics:

  1. High degree of automation: The entire filling process is fully automated without manual participation, which greatly improves production efficiency.
  2. Accurate counting: Using advanced counting sensors, the number of candies in each container/package can be accurately measured to ensure compliance with standards.
  3. High-speed operation: The filling speed can reach up to more than 40 pieces per minute, which greatly increases the production capacity.
  4. Strong flexibility: It can be adjusted according to different product sizes and weights, and is suitable for automatic filling of a variety of candies, chocolates and other products.
  5. Hygiene and safety: Fully enclosed design can effectively avoid product contamination and comply with food hygiene standards.
  6. Easy to operate and maintain: The human-machine interface is friendly, easy to operate, and relatively easy to maintain.

Hua Mei Sugar Counting Filling Machine is an automated candy filling equipment with powerful functions and superior performance, which can bring significant efficiency and cost advantages to candy production companies.



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