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Introducing Mint Gum Counting Packaging Machine

Mint chewing gum counting and packaging machine is mainly used for automatically sorting, counting and packaging mint flavored chewing gum. It usually consists of the following main parts:

Feeding system: used to automatically transport bulk mints to the counting mechanism.

Counting mechanism: Through various sensors and calculation methods, it accurately counts the number of candies contained in each package.

Packaging system: Automatically places the correct number of candies into bags or containers and seals them.

Output system: Output the packaged products to the next process or collection area in an orderly manner.

The main advantages of this counting packaging machine include:

Efficient automation greatly improves production efficiency and product consistency
Accurate counting to ensure accurate number of candies in each pack
Flexible and diverse packaging specifications to adapt to different market needs
Hygienic and safe, reducing manual operations and reducing pollution risks



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