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Introducing Chinese Medicine Pill Counting and Packaging Machine

Chinese Medicine Pill

There are many benefits to using counting packaging for Chinese medicine pills, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Improve production efficiency: The counting packaging machine can count Chinese medicine pills quickly and accurately and automatically package them, which greatly improves production efficiency. For example, the 12-row packaging line for Yinhuang Pills introduced by a company has realized the full process automation from internal packaging to external packaging, which has increased production capacity by 5 times, while reducing multiple invalid handling and speeding up packaging.
Reduce waste: Traditional weighing packaging is prone to errors, resulting in material waste. The counting packaging machine can accurately count Chinese medicine pills, avoid weighing errors, and thus save materials.
Maintain packaging consistency: The counting packaging machine can ensure that the number of Chinese medicine pills in each package is consistent, which not only improves the quality and appearance consistency of the product, but also enhances the market competitiveness of the product.
Meet consumer needs: Different packaging forms (such as bagging, boxing, canning, etc.) can meet the needs of different consumers and make the product easier to store and use.
Improve sanitation: Accurate counting packaging helps to improve the sanitation of the product and ensure the hygiene and safety of the product during transportation and storage.
Improve product safety: In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, the use of automatic counting and packaging machines can ensure the accurate number of tablets in each box or bottle, thereby improving product quality and patient safety.
Reduce labor costs: Automated counting and packaging lines reduce the need for manual operation and reduce labor costs. For example, a company introduced an automated packaging production line, which enabled a process that originally required 20 workers to be completed by only 5 people, reducing labor costs by 75%.



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