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Introduce the principle of capping machine

The principle of the capping machine is mainly to achieve the compression and sealing of bottle caps through the synergy of a series of mechanical devices and control systems. The following are the main steps of how the capping machine works:

Preparation and transportation: Before operating the capping machine, you first need to ensure that the equipment and working environment are clean and tidy, and check whether the equipment is working properly. Also, prepare the container and lid to be sealed, making sure they are clean and dust-free. The bottles are then placed on the workbench of the equipment and fed into the work area by a conveyor or loader.
Feeding and positioning of caps: The caps are taken out of the reservoir via a transmission and positioned into the correct position. This process is usually completed by a feeding system, which will feed the unsealed bottles into the capping system at a certain rhythm and regularity to prepare for subsequent operations.
Capping action: When the container reaches the capping position, the capping machine starts to automatically seal. The capping head begins to descend, apply appropriate force and pressure, and press the cap firmly onto the bottle mouth. In this process, the capping machine may use a rotating link to completely fit the lid to the container and seal it tightly.
The main components of the capping machine include the feeding system, capping system, capping system and control system. These systems work together to achieve the characteristics of automation, accuracy, adaptability, durability and safety of the capping machine, making the capping machine one of the indispensable equipment in the packaging industry.

In addition, there are some key technical parameters that require special attention during the working process of the capping machine, such as appropriate pressure, rotation angle, etc. The selection and setting of these parameters directly affect the sealing quality and production efficiency of the product.



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