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How to use counting packing machine for soluble bean food

Rongdou food, also known as Rongrongdou or Rongdoudou, is a new complementary food product mainly designed for children. It is mainly made of natural fruit puree and imported yogurt, and is made using advanced freeze-drying technology. Therefore, it has a crispy taste and melts in the mouth, and is deeply loved by children. The soluble beans can not only be eaten directly, but can also be dissolved in water or milk, and naturally dissolve into yogurt-flavored juice, making it more interesting to eat.

Counting packaging machine is a mechanical equipment specially used in the packaging industry. It has the functions of automatically counting, packaging and measuring items. In the food industry, counting and packaging machines are often used to count and package snacks, candies, nuts, etc. to ensure product quality and hygiene.

As for how to use the counting packaging machine for dissolved bean food, the specific process is as follows:

Prepare the melted beans that need to be packaged and the corresponding packaging bags.
Open the counting and packaging machine, and adjust the machine parameters and settings according to the size and packaging requirements of the dissolved beans, such as item counting, packaging bag length and width, etc.
Pour the dissolved beans into the feeding port of the machine and start the machine to start counting and packaging.
After waiting for the machine to complete counting and packaging, take out the packaged soluble beans and conduct labeling and quality inspection.
After use, the machine needs to be cleaned and maintained to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life.
During the entire process, safe operating procedures should be strictly followed to avoid accidents. At the same time, the machine settings are flexibly adjusted according to the characteristics and packaging requirements of the dissolved beans to ensure packaging accuracy and efficiency.



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