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How to count and pack laundry beads

Counting and packaging laundry beads typically involves a series of automated processes to ensure the exact number of beads in each package. Here are the possible count wrapping steps:

  1. Based on the preset specifications and weight, the system calculates the number of beads that each package should contain. This usually involves counting beads on a conveyor belt to ensure the correct number is in each package.
  2. Bag making or bottling: Depending on the packaging form (such as bagging or bottling), the corresponding equipment will automatically perform packaging. For bag packaging, the equipment automatically makes bags, fills them with beads, seals them and prints relevant information. For bottling, it involves the transportation of bottles, filling of beads, and packaging of bottle caps.
  3. Quality inspection: After packaging is completed, there is usually a quality inspection link to ensure that the quantity, specifications and quality of the beads in each package meet the requirements. This can include both visual and mechanical inspections.

Packing and Shipping: Finally, the quality-checked packaging is boxed and ready for shipment to the sales channel or consumer.
It should be noted that the counting and packaging process of laundry beads may vary between different manufacturers and packaging equipment. But generally speaking, it involves key steps such as precise counting, automatic packaging and quality inspection to ensure that the quality and quantity of the product can meet market demand. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, more and more intelligent and automated equipment are being used in the counting and packaging process of laundry beads to improve production efficiency and product quality.



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