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How to choose a pump-head bottle capping machine

pump-head bottle

The following main factors need to be considered when choosing a suitable pump head bottle capping machine:

  1. Bottle type adaptability:
  • Check whether the size, material, shape, etc. of the pump head bottle are compatible with the machine. Different bottle types may require the replacement of special clamping devices.
  • Make sure that the capping machine can adapt to various bottle specifications used on the production line.
  1. Production efficiency:
  • According to the speed and demand of the production line, choose the appropriate machine model and the number of turntables.
  • Consider the capping speed and automation of the machine to meet the production plan.
  1. Operation convenience:
  • Choose a model that is simple to operate and easy to maintain to reduce labor costs.
  • Check the automation of the machine, such as whether it has automatic capping, automatic detection and other functions.
  1. Reliability and safety:
  • Choose brand products with stable quality and low failure rate.
  • Make sure that the capping machine is equipped with necessary safety protection devices, such as emergency shutdown, etc.
  1. Cleanliness requirements:
  • For food, medicine and other fields, choose a model that meets hygiene standards for easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • The material and structure of the machine should be easy to maintain and clean.
  1. Economical:
  • Consider the purchase cost, operation cost and maintenance cost of the machine and choose the product with high cost performance.
  • Choose the appropriate specifications and configuration according to the production scale to avoid over-investment.



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