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How to choose a good capping machine for oral liquid?

First of all, we must consider the working principle of the oral hydraulic capping machine. Oral hydraulic cap machine is mainly composed of cap sorting, cap pressing, conveying and rejecting mechanism. After the bottle enters the station, it will be capped automatically, and the bottle clamping mechanism will clamp the bottle and send it to the capping mechanism to compress the bottle cap. The bottle clamping belt and capping belt are made of special materials, which not only ensures the durability of the equipment, but also does not damage the bottles and caps.

The oral hydraulic capping machine has a wide range of applications and is an automatic capping machine specially designed for the pharmaceutical, health care and food industries.

The oral hydraulic cap machine is characterized by automatic cap unscrambling and cap pressing, which can reduce the labor intensity of workers. In addition, the capping machine can also be equipped with a data network interface for data storage and reading management. It has the characteristics of one machine with multiple functions and convenient adjustment. In addition, the oral hydraulic cap machine can also be used in conjunction with the labeling machine to improve production efficiency.

To choose an easy-to-use oral hydraulic cap machine, you need to consider its working principle, scope of application, characteristics of automatic cap unscrambling and capping, as well as the convenience of adjustment with data network interface and multi-purpose machine. This can meet the production needs of the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries and improve production efficiency.



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