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How to bag the gummies according to the set quantity?

Gummy packaging machine is an automatic equipment used to distribute fudge into bags. It can realize the efficient, fast and accurate packaging of soft candy into the bag, suitable for the production and packaging industry of soft candy.

Fudge is a soft, tasty candy, usually made from sugar, pectin, food coloring and other ingredients. Multi-grain bagging refers to putting a certain amount of fudge into a bag so that consumers can easily enjoy it. The reason for bagging several pellets is mainly for the convenience of consumers. Soft taste, easily affected by temperature and humidity, if exposed to air for a long time, will become sticky, affecting the taste. Putting a few jellybeans into a bag can avoid this situation, but also allow consumers to better control the amount of food, enjoy only a few of the sweetness of the jelly beans at a time, not excessive sugar intake. In addition, several grain bagging can also improve the hygiene of the product and avoid long-term exposure to air pollution. Therefore, soft candy bagging is an effective measure to improve product quality, protect consumer health and improve product hygiene.

The advantages of the bag counting machine mainly include the following aspects:

  1. Efficient and fast: the counting machine can count and package at high speed, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
  2. Accurate measurement: The precision measurement system can accurately measure the weight of each grain of soft candy to ensure the quality of each bag of soft candy.
  3. Automatic operation: automatic operation, no manual intervention, reducing the impact of labor costs and human factors on product quality.
  4. Flexible and diverse: It can be adjusted according to different packaging needs and adapt to various specifications and sizes of fudge packaging.

Soft candy bag counting and packaging machine, counting can also be used together with the labeling machine, so that the soft candy packaging better automation.



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