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How does the automatic capping machine work?

an automatic capping machine

Automatic capping machine typically use a rotary or linear robotic arm to grab bottles and place them on a rotating wheel. This wheel transports the bottle beneath a capping head, which then rotates the capping head into the correct position, places the cap on the bottle mouth, and tightens it.

How to choose an automatic capping machine that suits you?
When choosing the machine that suits you, you need to consider a variety of factors, such as production line speed, container type and size, capping type, etc. You need to determine how much capacity your production line requires and what type of capper you need to meet your needs.

How to maintain automatic capping machine?
In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, you need to clean and maintain it regularly. You need to check whether all parts of the machine are working properly, such as the conveyor belt, robotic arm, capping head, etc. In addition, you will need to replace parts and lubricants regularly to ensure that the machine is always in top condition.

What are the advantages of automatic capping machines?
It can improve production efficiency and product quality, and reduce labor costs and error rates. They close bottles quickly and accurately and can accommodate a variety of container types and sizes.

How to solve the problem of automatic capping machine failure?
If the machine fails, you need to stop the production line immediately and check whether all parts of the machine are working properly. You can also refer to the machine’s operating manual or contact the manufacturer for repairs and maintenance.



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