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How are popping gummies packed?

popping gummies

Popping gummy are generally counted and packaged by a counting packaging machine, because the size and weight of each jellybean may vary to a certain extent. Using a counting packaging machine can ensure that the number of jellybeans in each package is the same.

In the counting packaging machine, the soft candy will run on the conveyor belt, and the counting and positioning will be realized by the sensor during the running process, and then the soft candy will enter the bag-making structure in the packaging machine for bagging. This bagging method allows the gummies to remain intact for easy consumption by customers.

In addition to bags, pop jelly candies are also packaged in bottles. When bottled, the soft candies will be counted by the protruding counting machine, and the counted soft candies will be automatically put into the bottle, and the packaging process will be completed after the bottle is closed. Compared with bag packaging, bottle packaging is more convenient to display and sell in supermarkets.

Generally speaking, the choice of packaging method will be affected by many factors such as product positioning and consumer demand, and enterprises should choose according to their own conditions.



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