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High speed gummy counting & filling systemI

High-speed gummy counting system is a high-efficiency candy counting and filling system. The system is designed for fast and accurate processing of chewing gum and all types of confectionery to meet the needs of modern confectionery production lines. The following is a detailed introduction to the system:


  • Fast and accurate counting with advanced vision technology.
  • Compact design, easy installation, setup, and maintenance.
  • Easy cleaning and change-over.
  • Dual lane conveyor.
  • No gummy blockage at the funnel.
  • Handles sugar and sanded gummies, oiled, pectin and vitamin gummies
  • Floor-level bulk feed hopper.
  • Automated cleated elevator.

Efficient counting capability: The system is equipped with a high-speed, high-precision counting mechanism. The mechanism can quickly and accurately count the quantity of each candy or chewing gum. This is crucial for mass-produced candy manufacturers, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
Flexible and adaptable: The system can adapt to different shapes, sizes and packaging of candies. Whether it’s hard candies, gummies or other types of candy, we can adjust the system settings to accommodate different products.
High degree of automation: The system achieves a high degree of automation, and the entire process from counting to filling does not require too much manual intervention. This not only reduces manpower requirements but also increases the stability and consistency of the production process.
Precise filling function: During the filling process, the system uses precise control technology to ensure that the number of candies in each package is accurate. This helps maintain the quality and brand image of the product while avoiding losses caused by improper filling.
Ease of Maintenance and Management: The system is designed and manufactured with ease of use and maintenance in mind. It comes with an intuitive user interface and easy-to-replace parts, making maintenance and management simple and convenient.
Food Safety and Hygiene: Food safety and hygiene are of paramount importance during the candy production process. The system uses materials and designs that meet food safety standards to ensure hygienic conditions during the production process and protect product quality and safety.



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