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Fish plate counting guarantee machine

Fish plate

Fish plate is a food in Japanese cuisine, made from fish paste. The fish used is white fish, which is a fish with white flesh, which is different from red fish. After the fish meat is mashed and ground into a paste, it is placed on a relatively odorless wooden board such as Japanese fir or white cypress, and then steamed or grilled to make the fish plate. The original name of the fish plate is Naruto Maki. Because the pattern is in the shape of a swirl, it is reminiscent of the famous Japanese landscape Naruto whirlpool, so it was named “Naruto Maki”. It is also a common decorative food in Japan and often appears in Japanese ramen.
Ingredient packages in fish noodle packages are usually packed in quantities, so a counting and packaging machine is needed to ensure that the quantity of each item in each ingredient package is consistent.



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