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Difficulties and solutions in counting and packaging metal parts

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Counting and packaging of hardware parts are widely used in many industries, including machinery, electronics, automobiles, etc.
However, there are many types of hardware parts with different shapes and sizes. There will be some difficulties when using the counting packaging machine. So how does our automatic counting equipment solve it?

  1. The metal parts are small in size and have different shapes, resulting in a low degree of automation.

Use visual recognition, weight detection and other technologies to improve automation levels.

  1. Metal parts are prone to problems such as adhesion and missing counts, leading to counting errors.

Use multi-sensor fusion technology, such as photoelectric sensors, vibration sensors, etc., to improve counting accuracy.

  1. Low packaging efficiency: Manual packaging is inefficient.

Use automated packaging equipment, such as vibrating plates, conveyor belts, etc., to improve packaging efficiency.

  1. Difficulty in quality control: It is difficult to comprehensively inspect each metal part.

Use sampling testing, online testing and other methods to improve quality control levels.
Here are some specific countermeasures:

  1. Adopt visual recognition technology: Integrating high-definition cameras into the packaging machine can automatically identify and count metal parts, improving counting accuracy.
  2. Combined with weight detection: Installing a weight sensor in the transportation link can detect weight changes of metal parts and assist in counting accuracy.
  3. Optimize the conveying system: Using vibrating plates, conveyor belts, etc. in conjunction with the automated system can improve the conveying stability and packaging efficiency of metal parts.
  4. Realize online detection: Integrating the detection module during the packaging process can monitor product quality in real time and detect abnormal problems in time.



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