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Difficulties and Solutions in Counting and Packaging Fish Oil Capsules

The difficulties in counting and packaging fish oil capsules mainly include the following aspects:
Differences in capsule shapes and sizes: Fish oil capsules are usually soft capsules with various shapes and sizes, which makes accurate counting difficult.
Stickiness: Since fish oil capsules contain oily ingredients, they tend to stick together, making it difficult to separate individual capsules, which also affects the accuracy of counting.
Poor fluidity: Compared with granular materials, fish oil soft capsules have poor fluidity, which brings certain difficulties to transportation and arrangement.
Balance between counting speed and accuracy: In high-speed production, how to ensure counting accuracy without affecting production efficiency is another difficulty that needs to be solved.
Degree of automation: For some small or new types of fish oil capsules, there may be a lack of mature automation solutions and customized designs are required, which also increases the difficulty of counting.
Quality control: During the counting and packaging process, quality needs to be strictly controlled to ensure that the number of capsules in each package is accurate and the weight meets the standards.
In order to overcome these difficulties, special mechanical design, optimization of production processes, and enhanced quality control may be necessary. At the same time, choosing the right packaging machinery and materials is also key.
The grain counting machine produced by FUNTIONPACK Machinery has the following characteristics:
Efficient: The grain counting machine can count items quickly and accurately, greatly improving production efficiency.
Accurate: Counting machines can count items with very high accuracy, reducing errors and waste.
Multifunctional: The counting machine can counting and packaging various small particles, such as tablets, candies, screws, etc.
Automation: The counting machine can automatically complete the counting and packaging process, reducing labor costs and the risk of human error.
High reliability: The grain counting machine is manufactured with advanced technology and materials, has excellent durability and reliability, and can work stably for a long time.



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