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Comparison of the differences between counting scales and visual grain counters

Counting Machine
  • A counting scale is an electronic device used to count items, usually using weight as the counting unit. The item is placed on the counting scale and the device automatically measures the weight of the item and calculates the quantity of the item.
  • A visual grain counter is a device that counts items using digital image processing technology. Items are transferred through equipment such as conveyors or funnels, and after being photographed by a camera, the image processing system digitally identifies and counts the items based on their shape, size, and other characteristics.
  • The advantages of counting scales are that they are simple to use, easy and fast to operate, and can perform other operations such as weighing the items during the counting process. The disadvantage is that the items need to be placed individually, and errors may occur for items that are too small or irregularly shaped.
  • The advantage of the visual counting machine is that it can count items of various shapes and sizes quickly and accurately, and can automatically eliminate abnormal items and impurities.
  • The main difference between counting scales and visual counters is the difference in measurement principle.
  • Counting scales use weight as the counting unit and require the items to be placed individually. The visual counting machine, on the other hand, counts items through digital image recognition technology and can quickly detect items of different shapes and sizes.
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