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Braised egg counting and packaging machine case

The braised quail egg counting and packaging machine is widely used in the food industry. It can quickly count and pack small packaged snacks, effectively improving the efficiency of counting packaging (equivalent to the work efficiency of 5 workers), and effectively avoiding the inability to weigh and package. Precisely control the quantity to avoid material waste caused by overfilling. Improve production efficiency and save production costs for enterprises!

Fangxing quail egg counting and packaging machine can count and package the materials in the set quantity as required. The equipment accurately counts and outputs the counted products according to the set quantity. The equipment is simple to operate and easy to use. The simple maneuverability reduces the professional requirements for operators. According to the instructions on the screen, you can get started in a short time. One-click replacement of counting materials eliminates the need for complicated material learning processes. Empty the previous material and pour in new materials to enable normal counting and packaging production.



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