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Bottle unscrambler introduction

a bottle unscrambler

Function: The function of the bottle unscrambler is to sort out the messy stacked bottles and arrange them on the conveyor belt in an orderly and directional manner to meet the requirements of high automation. It can improve the production efficiency of the entire production line and reduce manual intervention and operation difficulty.

Structure: The bottle unscrambler is mainly composed of a conveying system, a turning system and a control system. The conveying system is responsible for sending the bottles to be processed into the bottle unscrambler and sending out the processed bottles; the flipping system is the core component for realizing bottle inversion, flipping and sorting. It adopts air pressure control and mechanical structure to achieve fast and accurate bottle handling. Inversion and flipping; the control system is the brain of the entire equipment, consisting of an electrical control cabinet and a touch screen. It can automatically monitor and control the operating status of the conveyor system and flipping system to ensure the safety and smooth progress of the entire process.

Application: Bottle unscramblers are mainly used in production lines of bottled products in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. In the food industry, bottle unscramblers are often used in packaging lines for crispy foods such as candies, biscuits, and cakes; in the beverage industry, they are often used in the production lines of bottled water, juice, carbonated drinks, and other products; in the pharmaceutical industry, It is mostly used in pharmaceutical filling and packaging production lines. In addition, bottle unscramblers are also widely used in the production lines of bottled products in cosmetics, daily chemicals, alcohol and other industries.

Advantages: The bottle unscrambler has the advantages of high efficiency, accuracy, stability and adaptability. It can process a large number of bottles at high speed and improve production efficiency; through a precise control system, it can accurately perform operations such as inversion, flipping and sorting; it adopts a reliable mechanical structure and control system, with stable operation and low failure rate; it can adapt to different shapes and sized bottles with high adjustability.
In short, the bottle unscrambler is an efficient and stable production equipment that can improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce labor costs and operation difficulty, so it has been widely used in various industries.



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