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Benefits Of Gummy Counting Machine

bottle of gummy bears

The gummy counting machine utilizes advanced real-time image processing technology to enable highly accurate (100%) counting result

Our counters can eliminate the need to separate small pieces before counting, feed them one by one or space them out at specific intervals. The result is 3-5 times the output per footprint.

Adoption of new Digital Camera System & advanced algorithm: CCD technology, the machine handles a wide variety of tablets, hard and soft capsules, gummies, candies   with different shapes and sizes. 

Key Features:

CCD technology with high speed digital camera

AI learning system to make changeover easily 

Remote adjusting system with WIFI

Ignore the small broken pieces

Highly anti-dusty design

Suitable for various capsule with different transparency

Counting accuracy: 100%

Operation stable and lower noise

Friendly HMI with windows operation system 

Simple Straight Forward Operator Controls

Stainless Frame



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