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Automatic Pill Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine

Capsule Counting Machine

FUNTIONPACK offers an extremely accurate Automatic Pill Capsule & Tablet Counting Machine of counting almost all shapes of the tablet, pill capsule, hard and soft capsule filling to bottle. Our counting machine will fulfill all your needs of tablet and capsule counting and filling. It is very accuracy and very efficiency in the pharmacy packing market.

Automatic Capsule Counting Machine is uses for the counting capsules an filling them into the bottles. Constructed using highly sophisticated technology and superior production techniques, these machines has higher rate of counting and filling of capsules/tablets up to 75 Bottles per minute (Depending on the neck diameter). Moreover, to ensure precision functioning, we offer these counting machines with turntable, filler & conveyor. This machine also uses for the counting & filling of tablets.

Feed disc need to be changed to suit the shape & size of product. Feed disc can be order with different numbers & sizes of pockets & can be interchanged quickly.



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