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Application scope of electronic counting packaging machine

a Nut counting and packaging machine

The electronic counting packaging machine is an automated equipment that integrates counting and packaging. It mainly collects images through cameras and a powerful image computing control system. It combines software and hardware to accurately count materials, and cooperates with a unique mechanical structure for counting and sub-packaging. , and then automatically packaged. Mainly used in the following industries

Industrial industry: Electronic components such as screws, nuts, gas joints, terminals, chips, capacitors, resistors, and all products of suitable size can be counted and packaged by electronic counting packaging machines.
Food industry: Candy, bagged snacks, chocolate beans, dumplings and other foods can use electronic counting and packaging machines to achieve accurate counting and packaging.
Medical industry: Medical supplies such as tablets, capsules, droppers, rubber stoppers, blood collection needles, etc. can also be counted and packaged by electronic counting and packaging machines.
Chemical industry: Chemical products such as laundry beads and dishwashing blocks are also suitable for electronic counting packaging machines.
Seed industry: Various vegetable and fruit seeds such as corn, rice, rapeseed, and pepper can also be counted and packaged using electronic counting and packaging machines.
In addition, electronic counting packaging machines are also widely used in the luggage accessories industry and handicraft industry, such as automatically counting and packaging various small parts, zippers, buckles, metal accessories, decorative buckles, screws, rivets, etc., as well as various beads , plastic sheets, snap buttons and other DIY small parts.

Electronic counting packaging machines have important applications in many fields. They can not only improve production efficiency and reduce manual errors, but also help companies save costs.



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